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  • Máy Viền Bằng MF-7223D-U10B56

Máy Viền Bằng MF-7223D-U10B56

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Máy Viền Bằng Juki MF-7223D-U10B56

Sewing machine MF-7723-U10-B56 by block with the upper thread is one of the most versatile models in this line. Due to the design features and implementation of the latest developments, this machine is able to cope with the wide range of tasks and a variety of sewing operations. Model MF-7723-U10-B56 is most often used for hemming the bottom of the jerseys, stapling products butt or lap joint, but, in addition, can be used for sewing and knitting elastic fabric products such as sportswear, T-shirts, underwear, hemming sleeves, collars, cuffs on the various elements of clothing.
For the convenience of performing all the operations of sewing machine has a flat bed, and low noise and vibration delivers long-lasting and comfortable use.
Advantages of the model:
·         Minor adjustments, or completely lack thereof when changing materials / yarns
·         Easy setup for various materials
·         Optimized thread guides, nitepodatchik spreader mechanism and provide a stable tightening of threads, even with the low tension
·         Thick upper stagnation with a beautiful finish
·         Low noise and vibration
·         The machine is equipped with a differential feed mechanism with fine stroke adjustment rails
ProductionChinaStitch Length1.2-3.6 mm, The height of the presser foot 5-8 mm, Sewing speed 6500,  stitches / min, Automatic functions without automatic, Type of motorfriction, Motor speed 2850 rev / min, Platform Typeflat platform, Needle UY 128GAS, Materialfor light and medium, Power 400 W, Voltage220 or 380/50 V / Hz, Development Japan ,Number of strandspyatinitochnye, The distance between the needles 5.6 mm, Number of needles3 pcs

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